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Your going to be spending over £20K on a Brake Tester, I’m sure you will want to know that it’s the best on the market? With our HGV Brake Tester comparison you can see how all the commercial brake testing solutions on the market compare.

Investing in an in-house brake testing solution for HGV’s often costs THOUSANDS of pounds.Therefore it’s important that you choose the right brake tester for your specific needs and requirements.

Too often, we hear of Workshops who invest in a Commercial Brake Tester, to then find out that it doesn’t really suit their specific needs, doesn’t have the strength and durability required or has been manufactured to an extremely poor standard.

To prevent this from happening, we have put together a clear comparison on each HGV Brake Tester available on the UK market so that you can clearly see which brake tester is best suited to you. It’s simple, we are not a brake tester supplier but simply advising you on the best brake testing solutions available in the UK.

A Fair Brake Testing Comparison

Our team have carried out thorough research in order to gather all of this information for you to be able to easily see like for like on a range of brake testers including equipment from well-known brake testing suppliers such as V-Tech, Totalkare, Everquip, and more.

Multiple HGV Brake Testers Available On the Market


BM20200 Commercial
Mobile Brake Tester


B99 Commercial
HGV Brake Tester


Commercial Brake Tester


MBT 5250 Eurosystem
Roller Brake Tester

Comparing Leading Commercial Brake Testers On The Market, From The Likes Of...

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 - Simon Matthews
- Simon Matthews
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I came across this HGV Brake Tester Comparison online when searching for the best brake tester for our workshops needs. It's been really helpful as I've been able to clearly see the difference between all on the market and have been able to make a decision based on our requirements.
 - Steve Carter
- Steve Carter
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'Being able to compare all the brake testers available on the market helped me to make the right decision for our business. Many thanks to the team

Fill Out Your Details Below To See Our Full Brake Tester Comparison

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We have been helping commercial fleet owners and businesses alike to choose the right commercial brake tester for their business and are proud to be supporting the automotive industry in this way

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